2 Ways to Welcome a New Pastor

A new pastor is a big change for a congregation, but it is an even bigger change for the pastor. We have just four names to learn, while David Averill and his family will have many, many more.

So what can we do to make our new pastor feel more welcome? Here are two simple ways.

1. Wear Your Name Tag!

It’s so easy to forget a new acquaintance’s name right after you hear it—especially if you’ve met several people in the span of a few minutes. Wearing your name tag during services, classes, and social events will go a long way in helping the Averills—and any new visitors to our congregation, for that matter—start putting our names to our faces. (If you’re a member and don’t have a name tag, contact the church office.)

2. “Pound” Our Pastor (with support)

“Pounding” a pastor refers to a tradition in years past when church members filled a new pastor’s pantry with a pound of kitchen staples like flour, coffee, and sugar. Though we aren’t exchanging food during COVID, we can still invite the congregation to “pound” the Averills with cards of welcome and encouragement. Consider including a gift card to your favorite grocery store, restaurant or local business to help them get to know our community. Cards can be presented to them directly at the end of each service on January 3, 2021, or mailed to the church office.