Epiphany 2022, Gospel of Matthew, Day 2 of 58

2022 Sure Footing Reading Plan

in the Gospel of Matthew

Day 2 of 58, January 4

Reading: Matthew 1:18-25



“Joseph called him Jesus.” – Matt. 1:25b


God empowers humans to be agents of divine will. Joseph was not forced to name his adopted son “Jesus”, which means “God is salvation” in Hebrew. He chose this name of his own accord. Nevertheless, it has enormous significance for who Jesus really is – the Savior who is God in the flesh. The actually Hebrew version of Jesus’ name is Yeshua, which is also the name of Joshua, Moses’ successor as the primary leader of the Twelve Tribes.


God can use me to be a part of God’s salvation plan whether I realize it or not. I want to be open to the ways that God can use me to nurture the faith of others.


God, though I don’t always know your plan, I am humbled that you would use your children like me to nurture the faith of others. Help me remain open to name and claim my faith as a witness to others of your love. In your holy name I pray. Amen.

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