What Parents Want to Know

Pickup/Dropoff Policies

To ensure the safety of each child, we require adults to escort their children to and from their classrooms. For nursery-age children, we require the adult to sign the child in and out of the classroom, and require that the adult who drops the child off be the same adult who picks them up. 

Staff/Volunteer Policies

Each of our staff members and volunteers is thoroughly background checked before being permitted to interact with children. Each of our staff receives first-aid and emergency training.

Off-Campus Consent Forms

In order for your child to participate in any off-campus church functions, we require parents to fill out a simple form. This form will help us keep track of each child’s allergies, health conditions, disabilities and insurance information to ensure their safety and to allow for swift action in emergencies. Download the form »

In Case of Emergency

Illness: To avoid the spread of germs and illnesses to other children, we ask that you not bring your child to Footprints activities if they are sick. If your child becomes ill during an activity, we will contact you as soon as we can in person or by phone. In cases where a child is vomiting or has a fever, we will separate the child from the other children until the parent arrives. Our children’s wing is entirely peanut- and nut-free.

First Aid: Every member of our child care staff and many of our volunteers are CPR, AED and first-aid trained. If a child is injured or in need of medical assistance, volunteer will notify a staff member. In emergency situations, we will call 911 before attempting to contact a parent. Our facilities are equipped with AED devices and first-aid kits.

Fire: During a fire drill or in case of a fire, children will be taken either to the church sign by Fifth Avenue or to the sidewalk beside the playground. If the situation worsens, our staff has alternate destinations and parent contact arrangements to keep each child safe.

Tornado: The children will sit along the wall that is farthest from windows in each classroom. If time allows, they will be moved to room 101 as it is the most sheltered.

Dangerous Persons or Lockdown: The children will sit in the closets in rooms 100, 101, and 103 or in the adjacent bathrooms.