Bible Studies

Bible studies are a staple in Methodism. We believe that these types of intimate, structured learning environments are just as important to Christians as Sunday morning worship. Not only do we strengthen our faith in these learning environments, we also expand our minds and hearts to understand God’s word from a new perspective.

If you would like information on Bible studies conducted through video conferencing, please contact Janet Westlake

Sunday Morning Studies

Bible Explorers

We read passages aloud in fellowship and explore its meaning together with the help of tools such as videos, maps, dictionaries, and more.

Carpenter’s Class

The class studies together, encourages one another, eats together, and serves together.

Out of the Box Bible Talk

This class uses an interactive discussion style to explore the scriptures. The group is currently studying the scriptures from the weekly sermon in greater depth. 

Weekly Bible Studies

Martin Luther Bible Study (On Hiatus)

THURSDAYS—A study of language, history, and theology all rolled into one, the group explores Martin Luther’s translation of Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews.

Parables Bible Study

Following the book Fascinating Bible Studies on Every Parable by Dr. William H. Marty.

Pastor’s Bible Study

Pastor David Averill leads his weekly Bible study on Wednesday nights. The group is currently studying the “Names of the Messiah”.

Transforming Grace (On Hiatus)

TUESDAYS—Studying the Psalms from a literary and a spiritual perspective. The class explores the elements of Hebrew poetry and imagery, and how their subjects apply to our lives.

Tuesday Night Sunday School (On Hiatus)

As the name suggests, it’s Sunday school—but on Tuesday night.

New Bible Studies

If none of those Bible study options jump out at you, it may mean you’re feeling a deeper calling to lead a study of your own. Reach out to Janet ( to learn how to get started.