Worthy Cause for Lent: The Oasis

The Oasis is a ministry operating inside Lowell Correctional Institute, where Spirit-filled worship and small groups lift women out of  shame, trauma and hopelessness. HOPE…without it, life is not bearable. For our sisters beyond bars, hope can be hard to come by. Do you have room in your heart to extend hope, love, and encouragement to  an incarcerated woman? 

Pastor David would like us to focus on this worthy cause for Lent. The following is a list of some different ways to help: 

1) Collect hygiene supplies. (collection basket is in the Narthex) The only way to get hygiene  products is for them to buy them at the “canteen.” The indigent inmates (meaning they have no family to put money in their account) often go without shampoo, deodorant, or toothpaste because the prison doesn’t have any donations to help them and won’t provide them.  

2) Financial donations made directly to The Oasis: PO Box 1352, Lady Lake, FL 32158 

3) A woman can become a HOPE Letters correspondence mentor and be assigned an incarcerated woman with whom to correspond. They send letters of hope, love, encouragement, and faith. They share scriptures and testimonies and pray for each other. They always send a stamp and return envelope so the Christian sister can write them back. Many send extra envelopes, cards, and stamps so they can write to their family. Some send Bibles or devotional books.