Summer Camp

June 15–20, 2020

Warren Willis United Methodist Camp has been revealing the wonder of Christ to youth for 70 years. Our children and youth groups attend their weeklong, technology-free, overnight summer camp program each year. Many of the children who go to camp say they return feeling not only more deeply connected to their faith, but also called to share God’s love with their community.

Each year, Warren Willis camp gives children the opportunity to:

  • Learn about Jesus and the unique plan he has for their lives
  • Discover ways to love and unlock the very best in themselves and the people around them
  • Meet Christian youth and young adults from throughout Florida and beyond
  • Choose from an array of active, creative crafts, games, sports, and recreation, all through the lens of spiritual learning
  • Practice daily devotionals and prayer with everyone in their cabin
  • Receive nightly sermons and communion
  • Dance and sing during high-energy musical worship times every morning, afternoon, and evening.

Our children and youth are so consistently enriched and inspired by this program that we feel every child should experience it at least once. Unfortunately some families enrolling their children without financial assistance may find it cost prohibitive. That’s why our annual SAY It With Love donation campaign raises funds to Send A Youth (SAY) to camp at a reduced cost.

For more information, visit the Warren Willis website.